The Children’s Center is grateful for each of our volunteers who play a vital role in delivering our quality programs. From classroom reading buddies and homework helpers to board leadership and one-time special project assistance, each year over 60 volunteers generously share their time and talents with our children.

Our volunteers contribute over 4,000 hours annually which equals hiring two additional full-time staff members! Reading specialists, librarians, teachers, Eagle Scouts, musicians, artists, attorneys, CPA’s and more all contribute their wealth of wisdom with our Center and our children! Volunteer groups include over 20 students from the VCU Honors College, St. James’s Young Adult Ministries, St. Catherine’s Students, Girl Scout Troops and additional school groups.

Each summer for our 10-week Summer Enrichment and Intervention Program we select ten high school and college students as volunteer mentors. Many of these summer volunteers were once in our early childhood and summer programs themselves! Great learning opportunities arise when a six-year-old and a sixteen-year-old share a conversation about their visit to the VMFA. These conversations enhance deep literacy and thinking skills in children and develop trusting relationships.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at the Children’s Center, please contact Winnie Canup at (804) 358-9788 or