Our Mission

St. James's Children's Center prepares young hearts and minds for life.

We love. We teach. We nourish. We explore.

The heart of our mission is a deep and abiding love and respect for each of the children we serve. We believe that all children deserve the highest quality childhood.

St. James’s Children’s Center understands the stress families face when trying to provide their children with quality education at an affordable price. We provide the highest quality early childhood and summer education programs available to any child in metropolitan Richmond—regardless of a child’s developmental ability or the family’s financial ability to pay.

Our weekly tuition rate is well below comparable high-quality programs. Additional tuition assistance is available with demonstrated need.

The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation has recommended our curriculum as one of the three best in Virginia. Our exceptional student-teacher ratio ensures that teachers meet the individual needs of each child.

Located in the heart of Richmond’s Fan District at 1205 W. Franklin Street, the Children’s Center is close to VCU and downtown. We accept children from Richmond and surrounding counties.



Our History

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The Children's Center was founded in 1986. At that time Kathy and John Conrad, parishioners of St. James's Church, needed a quality, inclusive learning program for their developmentally delayed son. The Conrads teamed up with Geraldine Johnson, a dynamic special education teacher at Richmond’s Preschool Development Center.  St. James’s donated classroom space for an initial summer class.

Since this beginning, the Children's Center has been visionary in realizing that quality early education programs are vital for all children. Current research confirms that early childhood is the most critical time to establish the foundation for success in life. Over and over again, studies prove that early education for at-risk children can truly change the course of their entire lives.  Children who have quality early childhood education do better throughout school, graduate from high school and attain college degrees at greater rates, hold better-paid jobs and lead healthier lives.

These studies confirm our decades-long passion for providing the best early childhood education available to any child in metropolitan Richmond – regardless of a family’s ability to pay – and comparable to the private school experience of children living in affluent communities.  Over the years we have changed the lives of over 1,500 students – many, many have gone on to college and have entered successful careers. One-by-one, child-by-child, we prepare young learners for success in school and life.