Meet Debbie Crawford Lickey, SJCC’s Executive Director

Debbie Crawford Lickey, M.Ed. was named Executive Director of St. James’s Children’s Center in 2013. Debbie sets strategic direction for the Center; provides a safe, healthy, academically and spiritually enriching learning environment; provides leadership for the staff; develops and manages financial resources; and maintains healthy relationships with the Center’s Board, parents, and early childhood community leaders.  

Debbie came to St. James’s Children’s Center from the Partnership for People with Disabilities at the VCU School of Education where she was the coordinator of the Virginia Paraprofessional Early Childhood Project. Debbie has worked as an early childhood special education teacher at Powhatan County Public Schools; a lead early childhood teacher at the Sabot School; and as an adjunct faculty member at VCU and John Tyler Community College. Debbie trained in Reggio Emilia, Italy on the Reggio school philosophy and model. She has extensive professional experience in curriculum development, use of evidence-based resources, data collection and measurement, communication strategies for children and families, and social/emotional and behavioral strategies. Debbie is co-author of the book Starting with Their Strengths: Using the Project Approach in Early Childhood Special Education, published in 2011 by Teacher’s College Press.


Our Board of Directors

  • Mr. D. P. Thayer Montague
    Board Chair
  • Mrs. Jennifer L. Sisk
    Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Trudy C. Porter
  • Mr. George Booth
  • Chair, Finance Committee
  • Mrs. Ida V. Farinholt
    Immediate Past Chair
  • Mrs. Elizabeth M. Bredrup
  • Ms. Stacy Brinkley
  • Mrs. Ruth Modlin Ellett
  • Mrs. Sally V. Ellington
  • Mr. Randolph L. Ellis
  • Dr. Mark Emblidge
  • Mr. Richard W. Fowlkes II
    Development Committe Chair
  • Mrs. Toni Hamlin
  • Mrs. Katherine W. Hetzer
  • Vestry Liaison
  • Mr. Adam Hofheimer
  • Mr. Thomas M. Horton
  • Mrs. Nancy C. Jordan
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Read
  • Mr. M. Pierce Rucker
    Governance Committee Chair