Wish List


Thank you for thinking of us when shopping or cleaning out children’s items, office supplies, and household goods. We need all items to be in good working condition. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact Winnie Canup at 358-9788 or wcanup@stjameschildrencenter.org


Educational Toys

Light tables, blocks, peg board sets, wooden beads, plastic mirrors, gears, games, binoculars, magnifying glasses, make believe play items, dress up clothes, books


Paints, markers, poster boards, construction paper, card stock, newsprint, brushes, large markers, glue, collage & mosaic pieces, ribbons, lots and lots of Play Dough


Play sand, children’s raincoats, rain boots, balls and trikes



Index cards, copy paper, file folders, pocket folders, envelopes, legal pads, cover stock, old letterhead, envelopes of every size, notebooks, clip boards



Paper towels, snack bags, paper plates, paper bowls, gallon zip-lock bags, pull-ups, diapers, swim diapers, dish soap, liquid hand soap, wipes, Kleenex