Our students include children from working families, with limited socioeconomic resources and children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Early Childhood Education

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Our Early Childhood Education Program places an emphasis on discovery and exploration in play. We help children develop their individual strengths. This forms a foundation for school and life success. We use the Creative Curriculum to provide children with experiences which facilitate development in language, pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, large and small motor development, and social and emotional skills. Our full-day childcare gives children rich experiences in literacy, art, music, movement, and science.

St. James’s Children’s Center also uses a social-emotional curriculum, based on the CSEFEL program (Center for Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning). This curriculum is designed to provide children with tools and strategies to enhance their sense of self and support positive relationships.

Our professional and loving teachers are well versed in the developmental stages of early childhood. The rate at which children progress through those stages varies dramatically from one child to another. Our teachers use their knowledge to individualize instruction and ensure that we meet the needs of each child, each day. Our exceptional teacher/student ratio of 1 to 6 ensures that our teachers meet the individual needs of each child.


Summer Enrichment Program

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At St. James’s Children’s Center, our summer is filled with field trips for all ages in order to connect children to their community and provide them with a wealth of varied experiences. Children will play and learn through seeing, touching, listening and feeling the world around them.

In order to maximize their learning experience, each day children are introduced to the concepts and topics of the day’s field trip before leaving our Center.  Our curriculum enhances post-field trip learning as well.  For example, after going to Maymont, if the children seem particularly interested in the animals’ home, further investigation of animals and their habitats would be incorporated into the curriculum.

Children in our Summer Enrichment Program take part in ‘Camp Lit’ in the morning.  This program designed by Scholastic provides enrichment and intervention strategies in order to avoid academic loss over the summer months, often referred to as the ‘summer slide’. These engaging activities concentrate on reading fluidity, independent reading, bringing texts to life and authentic and engaging writing activities. After exploring a book each child takes a copy home to keep and share with his/her family.

Some of our field trips:

  • The Children’s Museum

  • Lewis Ginter Park

  • Maymont Park and Nature center

  • Roller Skating

  • Bowling

  • Learn to Swim

  • Pocahontas Park

  • 3 Lakes Park ….and that’s just the beginning!